Understanding Common Issues with Vehicle Fuel Tanks

The fuel tank is an important part of the fuel system of your car. This is what stores and supplies the fuel that is needed to power the engine. Fuel tanks are designed to be durable but there are some issues that can occur with time.

The most common issues associated with vehicle fuel tanks is leaking and corrosion.

With time, the fuel tank is exposed to road salt, moisture and other environmental factors and these can cause the plastic or metal components of the fuel tank to corrode. You will notice cracks or holes developed in the tanks. Another reason for this to happen is damage from accidents or debris. When there is a leak in the fuel tank, you will notice that there is a drop in fuel efficiency. It gives rise to fuel odours. There is a safety hazard associated with this as well because if fuel comes into contact with sparks or hot engine components. If you notice there is a leak, you can look for a professional mechanic for car repairs Hurstville. Depending on the damage, you may need to repair the fuel tank or have it replaced. When there are small leaks or minor corrosion, the mechanic will apply sealants or patches to the areas affected. But when there is extensive corrosion, replacing the entire fuel tank is needed to ensure safety of the vehicle and its reliability.   

When there is dirt,

Debris and water or any other foreign substances in the fuel tank, it can cause contamination. This will affect the performance of the engine and cause damage to fuel system components. There are many ways that contaminants can enter the fuel tank. This can happen due to condensation, putting dirty fuel or improper storage practices. When fuel is contaminated, you will notice engine misfires, reduced acceleration and power. Rough idling is another sign. To deal with contamination, you have to drain the fuel tank and clean it thoroughly so that any debris is removed. You have to use high quality fuel and replace the fuel filters regularly so that future contamination can be prevented.

The fuel pump is what delivers fuel from the fuel tank to the engine.

This is then burned to create power. But with time, the fuel pump can wear out or fail. This can also occur as a result of excessive wear or electrical issues. When you have a failing fuel pump, the engine will stall and there will be rough idling. You will find it difficult to start the engine and there will be a reduction in fuel efficiency. You will need to have to system checked by a qualified mechanic if you notice these problems. Sometimes the fuel pump will need to be replaced. The pressure of the fuel system is maintained due to proper ventilation and this will help harmfulvapours from building up. When the vents are clogged or not functioning properly, it will lead to ventilation issues. This is why it is so important to inspect the fuel tank vents regularly and clean them.

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