What Skills and Jobs Are Included in Carpentry?

You have probably heard of the word of carpentry before but what does it actually involve being able to do? over all it is a job that deals with using wood as fixtures and fittings in constriction but it does not stop there. Carpentry is a high skill level job that includes lots of physical work.

Carpenters are usually smart, precise and are good mathematicians. Getting certification in carpentry is now easier than ever with institutes providing the opportunity to do so. However, before diving into applications what are some of the skills and jobs that are included in carpentry? here are list of them for your information.

The skill to use various machines and equipment

Carpenters need to be skilled and equipped to handle a range of different tools on the job. Handsaws, backsaws and claw hammers are just a few of these. The reason behind knowing how to operate this equipment is that they are high risk and injury is a possibility.

Knowledge on how to turn on, hold and use the machine effectively are other skills that are taught before the license is issued. If you want to learn more about carpentry licence NSW has institutes that are ready to provide information on the following.

How to build and design projects

A carpenter is not limited to just cutting and building, they also need to be skilled with the ability to design and build up projects. This could be on a whole project such as designing a table set with chairs or it could be to design furniture for a house or hotel. The scale of the project may vary and they are required to be able to forecast, design and determine the quantity of material needed, how long it will take and anticipate design and elements.

The categories in carpentry

There are around 7 types of carpentry that each are require a different specialty. However here are 4 of them described.Rough carpentry includes planning, building and maintain structures. This job involves building the outer frames and structures that are later built on.

Joister carpentry includes building flooring similar to rough carpentry. There is not too much attention to detail and remains one of the most basic types of carpentry. Both joister and rough carpentry work hand in hand as any basic structure requires a frame and flooring before moving forward.

Trim carpentry involves the process of building trims and mouldings for a room. This requires skill to work with certain types of materials. There is a higher level of skill needed for this type of carpentry that the previous two. It includes skirting boards and mantles to name a few.

Cabinet carpentry is the most common type of carpentry we have seen. This type of carpentry involves building and creating cabinets for houses, hotels and offices. This is not only an interesting category but also a highly skilled. Here the carpenter will need to pick the right material, take exact measurements and even protect the material from water. Treatments will have to be applied to the material.

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