What to Know About Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation gets confused with microblading often. But these are two different types of treatment. In microblading, semi-permanent ink is used and it is carried out using small strokes. They are both non-surgical cosmetic procedures. There is a pen-like tattoo machine used in scalp micropigmentaiton. This is used to make tiny impressions on the scalp that give the appearance of hair follicles. This is a permanent procedure.

While scalp micropigmentation or SMP Perth is  similar to tattooing, it uses very fine needles so that the size of tiny hair follicles can be replicated. The needle doesn’t penetrate into the top layer of the dermis up to about 2mm. If the needle hits only the surface level, the pigment can fade quickly due to cell turnover. But if the needle goes too deep into the subcutaneous layer of skin, the shape of the pigment is lost and you will be left with pigment spread out over a large area. Therefore, it is very important that you select a professional that has sufficient experience and skill in the field of scalp micropigmentation. This is only a cosmetic procedure for hair loss. It will not cause your hair to grow back. You will simply have the impression of hair. But you don’t need to worry about the safety of the process. It will not damage the hair follicle or damage the growth of your hair.

Some of the people that will benefit from scalp micropigmentation are those suffering from alopecia, thinning of hair and scalp scarring due to surgeries or hair transplants. The problem areas for men and women are different. For women, more focus is on the temples and the areas where hair is parted. For men, the crown and hairline is the area of focus. However, not everybody is a good candidate for scalp micropigmentation. People that are dealing with certain skin conditions may need to be careful when deciding on this procedure. It is best if they can discuss this option with their dermatologist so they can receive an informed opinion. For example, people dealing with psoriasis or eczema may experience flare up as a result of the treatment.

Some people will already have hair follicles in the thinning areas. But this is no barrier for carrying out scalp micropigmentation. This will give the impression of hair volume to people with thinning hair. Sometimes, the hair may need to be shaved completely so that the dots created by the procedure can look natural. You will need to stop using topical hair products in the week leading up to the procedure. You should also avoid alcohol on the day before or after the appointment as this can thin your blood. Depending on the area that is being worked on, a session can go up to about 5 hours. There will also be several sessions required to create a better effect. The colour of the ink will be matched to the colour of your skin tone and existing hair follicles. A lighter shade will be used in the first session. More detail will be filled in and darker shades will be used in the follow up sessions.


Hester Griffith
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