A 101 Guide on Putting Together the Best Gift Basket

From holiday seasons to birthdays to countless other reasons that present itself for a gift giving opportunity, we make it a point to give our loved ones the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts. It’s a treasured way to express love and gratitude while also celebrating the occasion together as one.

However, gift giving isn’t easy. Coming up with the perfect gift can even be a hassle. So, in order to give you an easy way out, we are going to talk about putting together a gift hamper, one of the easiest yet appreciated gestures by all.

What is a gift hamper exactly? It’s when you add a collection of gifts together as on and arrange them either in a gift box, basket or any aesthetic means that you see fit. Keep reading to get a better idea on the entire concept.

Selecting your gifting basket theme

The best way to kick start this process is by deciding the theme of the box. This often tends to depend on the occasion and person on the receiving end. If it’s Christmas and the Holiday Season then your gift box needs to revolve around it. Or if it’s for a kid, they might have cartoons or gaming themes that you can revolve your gift around. So first and foremost, select your theme.

Setting forth a budget for the entire process

Unlike buying one or two gifts, collecting a bunch of gifts together can become hefty if you don’t set forth a budget to stick to. So, from getting hold of the basket to adding up the finishing touches, always assign yourself a budget and work around it. The gift basket does not need to have many things to feel valuable, it just needs to have the right things and lots of love.

Including personalized bits and pieces

The best bit to any gift basket is adding in customized touches to make it more personal between the relationship of you and your loved one. It could be either in the form of a small messages, quotes or initials printed on a mug, photographic portraits of even these cool custom magnets. Sending across a simple personalized item can be the thing to cherish the most.

Different types of gift baskets

While the theme gives you a total concept of how the basket is going to be, what you’re going to add into it are still decisions you are yet to make. Listed below are some of the different types of gift baskets. However, people tend to mix and match them depending on what it is they truly want to gift or the preferences and favourites of their loved ones.

  • Cosmetic Collection
  • Clothing Sets
  • Spa Collection
  • Food and Beverage

To top it all off, don’t forget the final touches and a sense of creativity around it to make it look aesthetic and appealing. From the arrangements of the items to the packaging, it all matters. While it may require a bit of effort, the look on your loved one’s face is going to make it worth it.

Hester Griffith
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