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Little Knows Facts About Cakes

We all love to eat cakes, don’t we? Whether it is a party, wedding or simply nothing, cakes never fail to impress us. In fact, most people nowadays are making customized cakes which can even print photos on the top of the cake. Who would have thought of that many years ago when cakes first started to come into existence?

The history of cakes

While cakes are very popular in today’s time, only a handful of people know how cakes came into existence or in other words the history of cakes. While there may be no special advantages of learning about the history of cakes, it would be interesting to learn how this food we all love actually started and how it has evolved throughout the years. This may be also important to decide the future of cakes as well!

Sweets from flour

So, when did this come into existence? It is said that the moment flour was discovered, the people had started to make cake although they did not necessarily call it by that name. In fact, they were apparently described as “sweets made from flour”. The difference between this and bread had been that bread did not contain any amount of sugar or anything sweet.

Cake and Vikings

The term ‘cake’ was apparently used by the Vikings. However, it wasn’t used much to describe the round flat sweet bread which we now call cake. This dish was in fact, was made all over the world, however in different ways and different names were used to describe cakes.

Different varieties

Well, what’s with the name anyways. What matters most is the taste. In the recent times, different varieties of cakes such as sponge cake has come into action and is very much popular among people. Not only that, there are mousse cakes, cheesecake, brownie cakes and many more that would stimulate our taste buds even after just hearing the name itself.

The main ingredients

The difference between each of these varieties would be the way the cake is made and also the ingredients that would be used. However, the basic ingredients that would be needed to bake a cake would be, wheat flour, sugar, butter, eggs, milk, baking powder, vanilla and depending on the flavour you want you can flavourings.

For example, if you want to bake a chocolate cake you can add either melted chocolate or cocoa powder to the cake mixture. Or if you would simply prefer butter cake, you can stop after adding vanilla. You can also make ribbon cake by simply adding a little bit of food colouring. Usually it is pink and/ or green food colouring.

Decorating a cake

Once made, the cake can be decorated with frosting. This could again depend on your preference. If you are a chocolate fan, you can even add a layer of chocolate frosting to vanilla cakes, and vanilla frosting to chocolate cakes. Afterwards, you can add a cake topper to complete the look of the cake. For example, a custom acrylic cake topper can be used for this purpose.

While we all love cakes, we might not really know about the history of cakes and how they came into existence in the first place. It could be quite interesting to learn these fun facts about the dish that we all love but know nothing about.

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